An Enterprise of Skilled Craftsmen

At Odyssey Canvas you can trust our skilled hands on any of your custom projects. Whether hanging a custom built awning, fixing antique furniture or building a sign for your business. Our staff has the combined years of experience to make sure your job is done correctly.

We're Local

We service a 50 mile radius within Ripley, OH. This includes most of the Greater Cincinnati Area, to Portsmouth, OH - Lexington, KY to Wilmington, OH.

What all can we do?

The short answer is anything and everything. If you have custom work in mind, you can always give us a call or email to see if we can get your next project rolling.

Signs & Graphics
Boat Covers
Upholstery Supplies
Custom Shirts and Apparel
Auto/Boat Interiors
Home & Office Upholstery
Auto Headliners
Motorcycle & ATV Seats
Wet Bike Seats
Custom Cornhole Sets
Outdoor Furniture Truck Tarps

Long lasting

Owner Bob Blom started his small auto upholstery shop in 1962, eventually becoming Odyssey Canvas Works, Inc,. Bob still maintains Odyssey to this day and over a half a century of satisfied customers can vouch to Odyssey's long term product care. Odyssey Canvas became headquarted in Ripley, OH over 25 years ago and has served this area ever since. When you contact Odyssey Canvas for your next job, you'll feel safe knowing years of quality work stand behind our name.

The 2016 Fire

In May of 2016, we experienced a fire that destroyed our building, supplies and equipment, and slowly we recovered. After sifting through the ashes and finding what we could to continue, we began offering custom work again just days later.

A year to the date, May 26, 2017 was our Grand Reopening for our brand new 8,000 sq/ft facility.